Losing Weight [Don’t Diet. Change Your Lifestyle]

I haven’t posted in a while, and a large part of that has to do with me losing 10kgs in a month in December. That and travel.

I also recently met a doctor friend who had also lost weight. Both of us had basically been watching what we eat. I had the advantage of using the Cohen Diet (recommended for anyone who wants to seriously lose weight and learn about balanced meals).

Why I say this is an advantage is that it is one thing to watch your calorie intake – anyone can lose weight if they consume only 1600 calories per day as my doctor friend is doing – but also we need to keep in mind what we eat. This is just as important as eating vegetables does wonderful things like clear your skin, and allow you to eat more with fewer calories (unlike potato chips or burgers).

For those that can’t afford the Cohen Diet plan, follow the food pyramid (yes – the one we all learned about in school), and monitor your calories. That simple act often makes you reconsider your meal choices, and that is basically all we need to do.

To help you with this try apps like MyFitnessPal for iPhone. It has a lot of foods available for lookup (Internet connection required).

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