How do I care for my pet in Singapore? [Living in Singapore]

Tiga on the beer barrelI was recently asked by the wife of DH’s colleague about pet care in Singapore. She raised a few needs:

  • Veterinary Medical Care – for vaccinations and illness
  • Pet Transportation – if you don’t have a car in Singapore, normal taxis often won’t take your beloved baby, which can be difficult when you do need to go to the vet
  • Pet Sitting – living in Singapore makes travel too much of a temptation to resist, but we still need to be responsible pet owners
  • Pet Grooming – I have cats, so that usually involves a battle with scratching in the bathtub where I end up with the scratches, and the cats end up licking themselves dry. Dogs, however, often benefit from a good groom.

I use the services below. If you know of any good additions to this, please add them in the comments below.

Veterinary Medical Care – A Doc for your Fur Baby
I have been using this vet for 10 years now, and they are listed with the Singapore Veterinary Association (SVA).

Mount Pleasant Animal Medical Cent
Blk 105, Clementi St 12, #01-18/20 S120105
T: 67768858 | F: 67761678

I use the one in the west (address above) because that is close to where I am, however they have other branches, and they all receive pretty good reviews. If you visit the SVA site link above, it will have the other locations so that you can see one that is perhaps closer to you.

This vet also provides a number of services including preparing pets for moving country, dealing with deceased pets, spaying, etc. They are pleasant, helpful, and don’t treat me like an idiot. They have information sheets on a lot of things – we had a mite infestation and they gave me a sheet with instructions on how to go through the home and clean everything out. Very professional.

Pet Transportation – Pet Taxi Services

If you don’t have a car, then my sitter (Rick – see next bit) has a pet taxi service to get your pet to and from the vet: See his pet taxi services on his website.  After what happened to my Stamford (he died), I can’t recommend Rick anymore.

Try Singapore Pet Taxi or the Pampered Pet Taxi Service.

Pet Sitting

The sitter I use is Rick Tan and he runs Pet Mobile. This guy might be OK for dogs, but he has no passion for cats and after Stamford dying I cannot recommend him further. Use at your own risk.

Usually what your pet sitter will do is set up an appointment to come and meet your pet, find out where the food, toilet and any play things are kept (and anything else necessary for your baby’s care), learn what walking schedules are, etc. Sitters usually offer to do some basic “while I’m away” type chores (eg. Please throw the newspaper delivered to the front door, please water these plants). If it’s just a couple of chores they’ll usually do that as part of their visit.

They usually offer to keep a key on file for you, or charge you for fee drop off and pick up. Some clients arrange prefer to have them collect the key before they leave on their holiday/trip, and then they leave it in the letterbox after their final visit. This can become an issue for last minute trips and trip extensions.

Pet Grooming

As stated above, grooming is usually a battle at our place with our three cats, however if you want to outsource this, Pet Lovers has a Grooming Service.

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