Java – yes you can remove all those Java installations [What a pain in the neck]

I support a small office of Windows PCs, and I have told staff they need to update, update, update or suffer virus and spyware infections. So like good little chilluns who do not want to incur my wrath, they do!!

Unfortunately I’ve learned that over the course of two revisions of Java 5 & 6, this means that some users have 8-10 installations of Java on their computers. Check it yourself – go to Control Panel >> Add/Remove Programs and see.

For one user, this was 1.2 Gb of space! Seems a little weird that these are not uninstalled on upgrade.

I checked the website and they even have a FAQ to answer it:

I’m not sure which was more frustrating – sitting there uninstalling 8 installations of Java that the user diligently updated, or waiting for 3 months worth of virus definitions to download (Java updates are apparently more important than anti-virus updates).

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