Censorship in Singapore

Well a big discussion is going on across the blogs in Singapore… should bloggers reveal their identities and find out there is “freedom of speech, but no freedom after speech” (thanks to omekanahuria for that quote – it’s a fabulous one)?

Singapore has a reputation for being a “fine” country, and it seems that the ‘litigate rather than refute’ approach is following them online… with bloggers forced to close sites rather than face stiff fines and court proceedings. It’s a shame that this is the case, and as an Aussie gal who spends a good deal of her time here, I for one support Singaporean bloggers that dare to speak out on their feelings of oppression. Well done!!!

So read about ‘When Fear Still Rules in Singapore‘, and on ‘Singapore Censorship‘.

One blogger has shut his site (PDF, source – Reuters), and feels forced to offer an apology – in the exact words as requested by a certain Singapore government agency. Tsk Tsk Singapore… there you go again!

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