Just give me 4 numbers

The New Paper in Singapore carried a shocking story yesterday, where the apartment of China national Liu Hong Mei is now visited by those seeking luck. The girl was “allegedly killed and dismembered by Leong Siew Chor in his ninth-storey unit there,” reported the Paper.

According to my friends, apparently luck is seen by locals (especially Chinese) as being two-sided – where there is good luck there is bad, and where there is bad luck there is good.

Those seeking good luck apparently are visiting the dead girl’s apartment seeking 4D numbers (akin to lottery numbers) so that they can win money.

The paper says:

“The 53-year-old even timed his visit – yesterday was the seventh day of Hong Mei’s death. The Chinese believe that it is on this day that the spirit will return.

After buying some joss sticks and incense paper, Mr Fung took a bus from his home in Bedok with his wife, 55.

He told The New Paper in Mandarin: ‘It’s tragic what happened to her. At the same time, I want to see if I can get lucky in 4D after paying my respects.”

This Ang Mo finds the practice somewhat repugnent.

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