Baking Bread [Where do I start? Thermomix Cooking]

Finding Bread Ingredients in Singapore

OK – so you’ve decided to bake some bread, and you have all the instructions in your Thermomix cook book (and you’re so excited to hear that it takes 50 minutes from start to pulling the bread out of the oven) or breadmaker… so now just to buy the ingredients.

Living in Singapore, we’re lucky and we’re unlucky. When we see baking instructions from the US, Europe and Australia, sometimes what is in the recipe doesn’t match what is written on the packaging on the shelf in the store. And if you’re like me, you don’t WANT to try 5 different brands before you settle on one you like. I HATE waste.

However, where those that live in Singapore are lucky is that we do actually have quite a large variety of flours available to us in Cold Storage supermarkets. We don’t have to go to any specialty shops to buy the more exotic flours like Spelt and 10 Grains.

And if you aren’t blessed enough to have a Thermomix, don’t worry – these are flours that work with most breadmakers, or you can even bake by hand! Experiment away, and don’t forget there are many books and websites out there on breadmaking!

What do you buy?

I’ve included a list of some of the brands that I use to follow the Basic Bread recipe on Thermomix. I noticed in Australia that there are a lot of pre-mixed bread flours, however this wasn’t something that appealed to me. Instead, the following works just fine.

Flours & Yeast

Bread & Other Flours

Bread flours by either Prima Flour or Bake King both work well. They can be found in NTUC and Cold Storage in Singapore. As the recipes that I’ve worked with to date have mixes of plain bread flour with other flours (in proportions of 80/20, or even up to 50/50), you will want to go and get some of what I call the more ‘exotic’ flours. Cold Storage is my first stop for these, and I get the 10 Grain or Spelt flours from Bob’s Red Mill. They’re not cheap (S$5-7 per 680 gram bag), but one bag will usually last me 4-5 loaves.


I’m pretty basic with my yeast, and stick to what I know. I’ve had a lot of success with instant yeast, as it does not need to be ‘activated’. To find out more about yeast in general, try this Yeast FAQ. I use the saf-instant brand pictured in the left of the photo above. One sachet = one loaf of bread. What could be easier???

Try not to be too intimidated by baking bread. I was!! There is so much written on this topic, that I put it off for ages. My only regret is not trying my hand at it earlier. There is nothing like a hot loaf right out of the oven!

Enjoy your bread!

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