Power Cables & Batteries for Old Laptops [IT Supplies in Singapore]

If you’re like me, then you tend to have a few computers and laptops where you’ve upgraded, and you pass these older models on to family and friends. Unfortunately with this, some components start to fail, and rather than throwing out a perfectly working piece of  equipment, it’s good if you can find a supplier of components that will assist you in extending the working life of your old laptop.

RICKYTAN.COM is on level 4, Shop 80 of Sim Lim Square, and Ricky himself will often serve you.

I recently purchased a power supply for a 3-year-old Compaq computer, and was told that he has batteries for my model as well.

For best results, bring your laptop in, so that he can test on the spot so that you walk away with a working piece of equipment.

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1 Response

  1. joanna says:

    We’ll have to go there when we come over. If we can get the laptop Ray gave Simon going, then I can keep him off MINE!