It’s Friday Again…

and my step-mother and step-aunt are in Singapore. Quite cool as they like to gad about a bit, and my step-sister is having some fun showing them the wonders of her new home, which is now Singapore.

Woke up yesterday a little hoarse, and that has now deteriorated into no voice at all… I have been diagnosed with swollen vocal cords, got a shot of steroids in the butt, and now am not even allowed to whisper until Monday, and even then it might not be better. I have classes to teach – how am I supposed to do that with no voice!!!???? Jill joked and said that I need a little pad around my neck with a pencil… Gee, thanks!

Dearest husband was in KL last night, and we have the kids this weekend.

Anyway – not a bad week, but I just can’t talk!!!!


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