Scanning for HP All-in-One [Software for Mac]

One of the more frustrating things about getting my Mac up and running was scanning with my HP 5610 All-in-One Printer.

I tried downloading the HP software for Mac for this model, and all I got was “Scanner not found” or not online, or something similar. I unplugged, restarted, reinstalled, redownloaded, but no success.

I even had no success with the in-built Image Capture program on the Mac.

After reading a few forums, I was directed to try VueScan – and it works like a charm. It’s not free – I had to shell out USD39.95 for a licence, however the trial version convinced me it would work – and it was either this or a new printer… and while I could have upgraded my printer relatively cheaply, I’m quite happy with this model and wanted a solution without having to run to the shops. Besides, the disposable attitude we’re encouraged to have towards printers these days is quite horrible, and I was determined not to throw this perfectly functional piece of equipment away.

So if you’re stuck for scanning software with your HP printer, I can vouch for this software that does exactly what it says it will.

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