Well, it’s a public holiday in Malaysia & Singapore today, however Australia is hard at work. I’m taking the Malaysian & Singaporean holiday, seeing as I was working on ANZAC day last week.

I’ve done some updates to my site… you can check out http://www.ozlady.com/photos/ to see some images that I’ve uploaded to my gallery… some humorous cartoons included as well. I have also added some favourites from my inbox to the Jokes Page.

This last couple of weeks has seen me flat out, and hence very few posts. Managed to score National Geographic Channel as a customer on the IT side of the business… which is a good name for a small company like mine to have on the books. My largest client has been very active, and I love the internet for helping me to be able to fulfil a requirement of theirs – they had an event in Houston this week, and a tight deadline for a brochure they required. We managed to find an online printing company (www.printingcenterusa.com) that was able to take the uploaded files, provide an online proofing capability, and ship them to Houston for us… what a way to save freight and give us an extra day on design time! Brilliant! Haven’t heard from the client, yet, but hopefully the brochures were up to scratch.

Dear Step-Sister has been wonderful with the design work that she has been doing… and the 3D guy that we have has been amazing as well.

The training business is going well… five (5) new students in Oz this week, and 60+ students starting in Singapore… busy, busy, busy… and hopefully profitable!

I’m looking for some TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) for Nana – so if anyone speaks to her, please pass it on… my only concern is going to be getting it into Australia the next time I come down. I did have a really good experience with TCM when I hurt my knee in Jan… so I’m on it, Nan!

That’s about all for my news this week… been busy and positive *touch wood*.

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