And Google Will Show Us The Way [Malaysia Road Trip]

We’re just recently back from a road trip around Peninsular Malaysia. Our route took us from Singapore to Johore Bahru, then up to Kota Tinggi, down to Kampung Jawa Laut, then back up to meet the North-South highway to take us past Kuala Lumpur to the Cameron Highlands (near Ipoh). From there we came back down to Kuala Lumpur, and then returned home to Singapore. This whirlwind tour was for 5 days to keep the kids entertained for the school holidays, and dearest had also said that he’d never been to Cameron Highlands before.

We were directed the whole way by Google Maps!

I know that I can access via my iPhone, however the roaming charges are horrendous! The makers in the US often forget that driving holidays in Asia often involve crossing borders – and telcos charge like raging bulls when you do that. We decided to be more traditional, and printed out routes from hotel to hotel, which we carried in a sleeve with us, and referred to along the way.

The best and easiest part about navigating this way was that the maps matched the highway numbers in the Malaysian highway system. Yay!! Just look for the turnoff that matches your number, and away you go! It’s like drive-by-numbers!!

Bharat Tea Plantation, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Bharat Tea Plantation - Cameron Highlands

Sign near the car wash

Navigating by Numbers - thanks to Google

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