I Is A Newbie – What I Learned Today [Switching from PC to iMac]

Well, what a learning curve, but I’ve gotta say, almost every time I look for the tool or method to do something in a Mac, I’m usually pleasantly surprised – I can do what I want and more.

Now those that know me will think that I have been a PC-snob for ages, but it’s not true. I”ve been dying to try a Mac for a few years now. I have found the price a little prohibitive. I’ve been on a relatively tight budget for 10 years, and could not see my way to spending 2k on a computer, when I could get something that would do the job for less than a grand. (In Aussie or Sing dollars)

However, now that I have made the switch, insert alleluias and choir music! Wow!

So now I need to keep track of what I am learning, in a place I can find easily. So for now, this is it.

Delete and Backspace

PC keyboards have two keys for this, but my iMac has only one. It is marked “delete” and executes a backspace, whereas fn+delete is delete (ahead).

Resizing a Photo

I thought I could do this in iPhoto, and it’s one of the functions that this software lacks. To resize an image I had to:

  1. Drag it out of iPhoto
  2. Open it in Preview
  3. Clock on Tools –> Adjust Size

Screenshot Capture

I usually rely on the print screen or Alt-print screen buttons on a PC keyboard, however this is replaced by Command-Shift-3 to take a screen shot of the whole screen. The bonus feature in this is the use of Command-Shift4, which results in a crosshair cursor which allows you to select the part of the screen that you wish to capture. Fabulous!

For those that haven’t discovered it already, check out the Apple Pro Tips page by Apple.

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