Iron Man 2 [Movie Reviews]

Saw a couple of recent-ish movies and felt like posting my opinion.

Iron Man 2 – tolerable. I like action movies, but those with originality and flair usually rank up higher on my list. This is a super hero movie so didn’t really step outside its box on either. A bit of a yawn and best seen by those that have seen EVERY Die Hard and EVERY Terminator and loved all of them. Unless of course you’re a Tony Stark / Robert Downey Jr fan (who, I admit, is ageing like a good wine), then you can watch it with the sound down.

It seemed to be the week for Robert Downy Jr, as I also saw Sherlock Holmes. I snoozed through some of it and woke up thinking I was watching that ye olde English flick with Hugh Jackman – The Illusionist.

I turned off my in flight entertainment at that point as it was no longer living up to its name.

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