Getting (our Nissan) Serviced in Singapore [Bugger Me! That’s Impressive]

Well today I had to pick up a replacement key for DH’s car, and so I went to Tan Chong Motors on Bukit Timah Road.

Wow, are they professional and work like a well oiled machine!?!?

My car unit, normally used for paying road tolls and parking, was scanned, and by the time I parked, a service rep was standing next to the car with a clipboard and asking me which number I’d like to be SMS’d at when it’s done.

They have more than 20 bays all lined up with equipment laid out like an operating theatre. You could be forgiven for thinking the car was about to have surgery, rather than being serviced by a mechanic (or a team of mechnics, as the case may be).

And what do I do while the car is being reprogrammed??

Why, have a coffee in the Customer Lounge and blog about it of course!!

Ah, the Singapore efficiency we know and love!

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