To Do with TouchToDo [iPhone Apps I Like]

I have found another app I’m willing to pay for!

I use this app daily to prioritise my to-do list.

I love the synchronisation options – as well as the ability to export and import.

Export, import, synchronise - it's all there.

There are only 2 issues that I have with this:

  1. Tasks added to my Google calendar through the web interface are not added to my tasks list – not really a big deal as I don’t use the web interface
  2. Tasks added to my Google calendar are added as events, not tasks. (Again, not really a big deal, as I don’t use the web front end that much, however I can see how this might be a sticking point for some.)

It has a lite version for those that want to try it first – I wish more app makers would do this.

Check out the App Home Page – TouchToDo.

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