Yummy Rice & Sex for Dinner [Why it’s worth buying Jamie Oliver’s App]

I get no revenue from this, except in the currency of love from my husband for cooking a delicious meal!

Last night I used Mr Oliver’s 20 min meal app (which I purchased at a hefty US$7.99) to make Beef Stroganoff. I take that ‘hefty’ back, because this is the 2nd meal that I’ve cooked from it, and it’s paid back every penny with the ‘thanks’ that I get from dearest. (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more, eh?? 😉 )

I’m not going to give away dear Jamie’s secrets (or be sued for stealing his IP), but you can get an outline of his Beef Stroganoff recipe at his website.

I will, however, talk about his app – which is awesome in terms of the step by step format and the accompanying videos, and that little thing he does with the rice – and adding a thing of my own.

First – the app. It’s a ripper! It has 17 steps where his website has 4, and I appreciated the extra tips on spicing the beef and specifically in what order to add things. It’s done with accompanying photos for each step, so when he says “finely chop”, you can ‘flip the page’ to get a visual of how fine ‘fine’ is. The little voice reminder to check the rice was a nice touch… and onya mate with the encouragement near the end, when I was starting to think ‘will this ever finish??’

Other cool addins included with the app:

  • equipment lists
  • instructional videos on knife skills, preparing garlic, and about 15 other things
  • shopping lists

Top notch stuff and exactly what you’d expect from Jamie!

The only thing I’d like to see is a little bit of ingredient substitution (eg. Crème_fraiche)

Now for the rice – I like to cook with organic brown rice (although he recommended basmati), and I have found that by boiling it for about 40 minutes, it softens to a consistency that is easy to digest. (Note: if you want to shorten the cooking time, then pre-soak the rice in water for a couple of hours). Jamie calls for boiling the rice in water flavoured with the zest of a lemon. I did this for the full 40 minutes with the brown rice, after which I drained and washed the rice in tap water, then started over with fresh water, boiled it, added the cooked rice and continued to soft boil for another 5 minutes.

Then, following Jamie’s recipe again, I drained the rice again, left it in the colander and suspended it over the pot, added a knob of butter to the rice, sprinkled some rock salt over it and covered with the pot lid. I left it like that while I finished the rest of the dinner.

When dearest came home and I served up the rice and stroganoff… the rice! The lemon and butter and salt flavours in it were divine and turned what can sometimes be quite bland with brown rice to something really extraordinary!!!!

Dearest thanked me in the best possible way!! 😎

Thank you Mr Oliver!

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