Website Marketing [Technical Bookmarks and Notes to Self]

This is more a ‘notes-to-self’ type post, however I’m putting it here as others may be interested in these links as well.

Recently I’ve been creating a few websites and looking at marketing them around the web. Some tools and articles that I’ve found useful are linked below.

  • Google Sites – good for creating some basic sites easily, and the $10 domain name and free hosting is a big draw-card.
  • Google Analytics – the best way to gather statistics on my Google Site so that I can see who is visiting and where they are visiting from.
  • Exclude myself from Google Analytics statistics – Obviously I’m going to be updating the page frequently, so I don’t want to include myself in the visiting statistics. In order to do that I need to find out my IP address.
  • Link Exchange – to get me started on exchanging links and building some traffic
  • Twitter – add a Twitter account to broadcast updates on the site
  • Facebook – create a Facebook page to link in announcements and draw some interaction

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