iRelax [Apps on my iPod Touch]

I have trouble shutting the brain off at night, so sometimes some mellow sounds help to drown out the thoughts.i was listening to a recording of a thunderstorm for a while, however, if I listen to the same music over a few nights, it doesn’t work as well after a few nights.

I found iRelax. It allows you to mix a variety of sounds. My favourite at the moment is a mix of ocean waves, windchimes, zen, and flute. It also has a timer so that it only plays for a limited time – I don’t like waking up in the middle of the night hearing it so I set it for 20 minutes.

It also has a mode for playing the sounds so you can relax or concentrate. I haven’t tried this yet, however I think that some will find this useful.

Overall a good app for relaxation.

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