Vietnam Trip [Exploring the Mekong Delta – Day 2]

As a continuation after Day 1 of our brief Mekong Delta holiday in Vietnam, we go to Day 2.
From the tour group description:
Day 2:
Take a 2-hour rowing boat trip to see FLOATING HOUSES with caged fish breeding, a village of Cham ethnic minority. Moslem mosque, towel weaving. Visit Lady Chua Xu temple and Tay An Pagoda. See a crocodile farm or stork sanctuary in Thot Not (seasonal). Overnight in Can Tho.

In the morning we woke up to market activity, and saw this small boy waiting for his Dad to buy something before taking him to school.

Our boat lady was quite friendly and willing to smile for the camera. She had reason to, as we ended up tipping her 100k VND. But at this point we hadn't given the tip, and she was friendly and explained things with hand movements and broken English when we asked. We reckoned ours was the strongest and most competent of the lot in our group. We beat everyone back to the jetty! 🙂

We noticed a lot of dogs, and having been in Saigon where some eat dog, we realised that this was not the case with the dogs that we saw, and they were often used for guarding. They barked alot as we went by, and our boat lady was particularly accurate in splashing them!

Fish being fed - they make their own fish food as it is very expensive to buy. One fish farm like this apparently costs 3 billion Vietnamese Dong (approx USD153,000).

I don't know whether this guy is in heaven or hell. So many fish on this farm - does he get to sample the wares???? He seemed quite OK with all the tourists that visited his home, however.

We were getting up at 5.50am most days, and this was no exception. Into the water by 7.30am, but this was beautiful, with an early morning (7.30am) boat ride out to the village of Cham. This is the return trip, with some of our fellow travellers having left us to go up river to Cambodia.

A couple out fishing for fry (small fish). She drove the boat while he worked the net. This was something we saw again and again as we departed from Chau Doc and headed upriver towards the Cham village (and on to Cambodia if we went up further).

This pole is in the village of Cham and they use it to show the level of the floods for each year. See the 2009 near the bottom and the 99 at the top?

The Mosque at Cham

After returning via rowboat from Cham, we visited temples and pagodas. At the Ba Chua Xu Temple, at Chau Doc, pilgrims flock to this temple to offer a number of gifts (offerings), the most famous being a whole roasted pig (which will set you back about US$40).

Fruit can also be purchased outside the temple for offering (gifts). Stalls like this line the streets outside the temple and pagoda.

Fish - Not dried. From what I could understand it is almost pickled. And then displayed in these tall stacks. I think if I stacked fish like this in my place, the stacks would fall over before they got this high (if they lasted that long with the cats 😉 )

In the evening we ended up in Can Tho. We were pairing up with a couple of Germans who were travelling together at this point – Sarah and Till. They were a lot of fun. That night we ate on a floating restaurant that left the wharf at 8pm and returned at 9.30pm. We ate lots of food – including liver (but not pig brains – they ran out of stock), and then we stayed until closing (after 10! Poor staff). A good night, and I really enjoyed the rowboats this morning. I could have given the temples a miss, as it was really, really hot, but overall OK.

Dinner at Can Tho with Sarah and Till on a Floating Restaurant

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