I’m a Bitch [Not Everyone Should Travel]

Sitting on a plane next to someone with bad breathe is usually uncomfortable. When the fella is a 20 something sotong who doesn’t know what date to put on his immigration card next to his signatue (today’s date), and wants me to detail to him all the types and ways that he will be ripped off because he was ripped off in Thailand.

He does all this with a conspiracy-type whisper, leaning over on to my side of the chair (stiiiinky).

I wanted to shout at him!! “Go home, sotong!!”

Not fair, I know. But it’s people like this that cause Asian countries to be labelled ‘dangerous’ and cause travel warnings to be issued.

Fucking sotong keeps turning his phone on! We’re gonna die!!

Update: Happy to report we landed safely and able to post this! 🙂

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