Doom, Gloom, Terror…

Oh, yeah… the world has gone completely nuts.

I arrived at work today, after another stress argument with the hubby, to find out that some teenager has gone nuts in the US again…
Teen shooter kills grandparents, 7 others: police
CBC News
RED LAKE, MINN. – A Minnesota teenager shot and killed his grandparents before killing seven more people during a rampage at a school on Monday, say police. ..

In other news… In Florida, a convicted sex-offender gets formally charged with a nine-year-old girl’s death, while some Catholic Priest in the US is trying to get rid of the death panalty across the entire country.

Last month I read about us poor generation X’ers… living with the threat of nuclear holocaust… but living with the reality of the crap that happens these days to me is much scarier.

Makes you want to lock yourself up in your apartment and never come out (I’d accept pizza’s slipped in under the door, however, once my sniffer cat had determined that it wasn’t laced with anything).

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