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Freakonomics - a good read for non-economists

Having heard two sides to many stories, and learning that people are often more willing to believe the most malicious and “juicy” versions, I think Freakonomics is a must-read for all those that listen and spread malicious gossip, although I know that it will probably be a waste of time and effort.

Why the cynical start? Because this book looks into the economics of many things, including the topics which made it famous – why drug dealers live at home with their parents, and why some teachers (not students) cheat in the US (and how it’s similar to sumo wrestling). But it also highlights that conventional wisdom from the ever-so-wise “THEY” ain’t exactly so wise.

This book is written in an entertaining fashion, and explores the conclusions that can be drawn from statistics on a number of areas that relate to the average man, and has nothing to do with the GDP of nations, and other “traditional” economic measures that we are used to reading the in financial press.

Likes – that it debunked traditional sheep-style thinking and the following of “them,” used real data to back up statements and was written in an entertaining fashion.

Dislikes – not much… occasionally it seemed to wander in a circle to get around how to two topics might be related. But it was done in a sufficiently entertaining fashion that I didn’t entirely mind. 🙂

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