Where are my Solar Powered Windows [Blog Action Day]

I’m really excited about the environment.

I use the fan waaaay more than I use airconditioning. I look at the ticks and water/energy consumption when I buy my appliances. I drive vehicles that use less gas, and our next vehicle is probably going to be a hybrid.

But I do get upset about companies that do not get on the bandwagon. Unfortunately this green movement has to be about the planet, and not about how much it costs us. We have already reaped the cost savings to be gained from raping the resources from our planet. Does it not make sense that in order to stop the damage and even to attempt to reverse it, that money will have to be put in to this more than worthy future (the future of this planet that our species lives on)?

I look at inventions like dyes that allow windows to be converted into solar panels and wonder if they, too will die for lack of commercial opportunities. I have seen many blog posts that bemoan the cost of solar panels and other energy saving hardware, however I personally feel that the reason that the planet is in this shape in the first place is the “pursuit of cheap.”

What does it cost to put in the hardware required? Does it mean that I forgo a computer upgrade this year? Does it mean that my kids have to put up with no-name sneakers for 18 months instead of the branded version?

Doesn’t it mean that we all have a rethink on our priorities?

A number of articles also bemoan the contribution that we as individuals make. It’s not the consumers that generate most of the energy consumption, pollution and the consumption of resources that drain our planet, they say.

Time to put our money where our mouths are

Time to put our money where our mouths are

But it is individuals that work for those companies and corporations. It is individuals that head up committees and make decisions that affect the devastation of our planet.

As individuals, we need to grow up and realise, that anything that is high quality is worth paying for… isn’t that the marketing message that we spread in order to encourage people to buy Omega instead of Casio, to buy Gucci instead of K-Mart?

Shouldn’t we rebrand our planet?

Written in support of Blog Action Day 2009.

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