This Ang Mo drinks funny-funny things [Laoshan Alkaline Mineral Water]

This is a carry-on from yesterday’s post – This Ang Mo eats funny funny things – today we are moving into things of the liquid variety

Warning: This drink is not for everyone.

Yesterday I was saying what a stand-up Aussie I was in eating my food at my desk, and today I might be letting the side down a little by posting a drink that’s (gasp!) non-alcoholic.

Hear me out, first, though.

This is a sparkling (aka – it’s got bubbles) mineral water that is also alkaline (opposite of acidic for those that didn’t do too well in chemistry). It has an unusual taste – some have described it as slightly metallic – however if your stomach doesn’t do too well with all that heaty (aka acidic) food, then this may be for you.

Also, it’s awesome after a big night on the piss.

Laoshan - Alkaline Mineral Water

Funnily enough, I never know how to order this stuff – a group of waiters in one club told me it was called laoshan (mineral water from the “old mountain”), however whenever I use that in some other places, they look at me blankly and I generally have to resort to that age-old game of point-out-the-thing-you-want-from-3-metres-away. (c’mon – you all know that game – no, up, up up, left, left, left – yes!).

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