Eat Out at EAT’Z 19 [Food in Singapore]

Tandoori chicken wrap at Eatz

Got your attention with that, didn’t I? 🙂

Temasek Tower on Shenton Way has renamed itself – it’s now 8 Shenton Way. As part of this they have done some renovating and a few new food places have opened up. One of them is Eat’z 19.

I’ve had the BBQ Chicken Pita Bread, which is not bad, but my favourite is the Tandoori Chicken Wrap. They have pastas and mashed potato as well. The Tandoori chicken wrap has reasonable quality chicken, and included mango slices as well. The mayonnaise in the photos is more like a raita

Most meals are $6.80 and come with a free ice tea (which is not the usual ice tea that I’m used to, but very nice). Definitely worth a look if you want a healthy, decently priced meal at the Tanjong Pagar end of Shenton Way, Singapore.

TO DO: Gotta check out their breakfasts. They have short stacks and long stacks of pancakes advertised for practically nothing!

Eat’z 19
8 Shenton Way
#B1-09, Singapore

BBQ Chicken Pita at Eatz

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