Singapore IT Show – BORING

Today my step-sister and I paid a visit to the annual IT show in Singapore… and I wish I hadn’t bothered. While there was a lot of exhibitors (630 according to the press), there was nothing much on display. I am used to where shows of this nature mean that the participating companies are exhibiting their finest, and newest, technologies. Basically it was all a bit of a yawn, and the most impressive technology that I heard about today was on the way there with Jill telling me about her beau getting a blue-tooth virtual keyboard… so totally kewl and we saw nothing like it at the show.

Check this out:

How totally kewl is that!!!!?

This kicked but on the whole of the IT show!

PS – apparently this even makes tiny clicking noises when you type so that you know you have hit the keys… my geek propellor is totally spinning!!!!

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