Quick Bits [Stuff that makes me laugh and cry]

Worst Song Ever

This is a sure-fire candidate in this particular category and I have to thank Mr Miyagi for revealing it to me. LOL

Declutter Gold

One of the hardest things about decluttering is getting around questions of “maybe I’ll use it in the future… ” or “so-and-so gave it to me as a gift…”. This guide on the 10 Questions you need to ask yourself when decluttering is gold for dealing with the emotional baggage that comes with “Stuff.”

It hurts – damn it can really hurt – today I sold for $20 a djembe bag that I purchased for almost $180-200 (blurry on the exact amount, but after shipping from the US it was a lot). To be honest, I’ll be glad that it’s going to someone who can use it, however they won the auction for $20. Sad, but sometimes you have to just let it go – and accept that you will make a serious loss on it.

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