What a Find [Reading SF on the iPod Touch/iPhone]

I’m a fan of science fiction. Some of my favourites include Robert A. Heinlein, Anne McAffrey, Spider Robinson and Frank Herbert.

Of late, I’ve discovered Stanza. It allows you to read books on the iPhone (or iPod Touch, or iTouch in my case). The two are related as there are loads of books to download – science fiction or otherwise. So far I’ve read all of Jane Auston, and read Jane Eyre for the first time, and am also starting on The Time Machine, by H. G. Wells. All of it is awesome stuff. And free.

Starmind - Jeanne & Spider RobinsonHowever, as is my tendency, I look for more, and I wondered if some of my favourite SciFi authors are available electronically – and then I found webscription.net. I may never read another physical book again at this rate!! (*kidding* – but the iTouch is just too convenient… think about it. I have 16 books, 30 albums, 10 video podcasts and notes, RSS feeds, etc all in my pocket.)

I got stuck somewhere for 30 minutes yesterday and told DH not to hurry, whipped out my iTouch and started reading. AND I could make the font bigger so that I don’t strain my eyes, AND I can hold it in one hand while dipping nuggets in the other, AND I don’t have to remember what page I’m on or stress if I lose my bookmark.

I’m a happy little geek!

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