Giving Singaporeans a Bad Name [Parking in Singapore]

Most of my friends are stunned by this incident, as it is certainly not typical in Singapore.

I was parking my car after work on Thursday evening, and put on my indicator, and was preparing to reverse into the space, when a guy in a Black Kia came and took my space.


I was stunned to say the least.

I got out of the car and asked him “Do you know how to indicate?” (As he didn’t, and obviously didn’t understand what it meant when mine was flashing)

“Why? What’s your problem?” was his reply.

“You stole my parking space. I had my indicator on and was preparing to reverse and you blocked me and went in.”

“I stole YOUR space?” he said. “This is a public car park!”

“Yes, but I had my indicator on and was preparing to park there.”

“I thought you were parking on the other side.” He pointed to where there were no lots available and some motorcycle parking spaces. Obviously realising the stupidity of that statement, he shrugged his shoulders and turned around, walking off.

“It’s fucking assholes like you that give Singaporeans a bad name, ” I said.

He then turned around and told me to go home if I didn’t like it.

“Because you are born here, it then means you can be rude?” I asked. “I like most Singaporeans, but you are rude.”

He just walked off.

So I went and stood next to his car and looked in all the windows for about 5-10 minutes. He stood at the top of the carpark and watched – presumably to make sure I didn’t damage his car.

After 5-10 minutes I walked away. He was near enough to hear me say “It’s a public carpark. I can stand where I want.”

He stole my space, so I stole his peace of mind.


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