Singaporeans Love Courses [and there are courses for EVERYTHING]

heartsThis is not one I would have picked, after seeing courses for practically everything here, but I have just found out that you can be certified by the Institute of Certified Wedding Planners through their Specialist Diploma in in Wedding Planning!

Other courses I’ve seen in Singapore:

  • How to memorise this number:
    (or some other ridiculously long number)
  • QiGong Meditation
    (my ignorance – had to look that one up)
  • Paper Cutting
    (der – scissors!)
  • Ice Skating
    (in Singapore???)
  • Gas
    (I could TEACH that one!)

But seriously – I laugh at it, however it is the one thing that I do appreciate about Singapore. Want to get started in something? Never fear, there is someone who will be happy to teach it to you!

Updated: I just found out that one of the Universities here is going to offer a Facebook course! LOL


Source:  Straits Times

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