Tiga is a Psycho [and plays with balls]


Tiga balances a ball on her belly

My darling sister has a new kitten, and it’s been playing with the kids’ toys, including a couple of these balls – the type that can be found in an average IKEA ball room (man, I was so  upset when I grew too tall to play in that, but I digress).

At any rate, the dear soul that my sister is, she donated two balls to my little bundle of furry energy, and Tiga has been chasing them around the apartment ever since.

It’s especially fun when we have the maid (aka Roomba vacuum cleaner) going around the family room, as it bumps the balls and then she takes off into another part of the room, slamming into furniture and walls as she goes.

I have never had a cat so hell bent on self destruction! LOL

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2 Responses

  1. Sarah says:

    Very cute, chloe liked the pic too. She also recognised the background as Singapore – my smart little kid.

  2. ozlady says:

    Oh isn’t she a smart one!
    Very cute!