International Women’s Day

Does women’s day mean anything when the rights that women have achieved so far are rights that are given to us by men. Today in the Singapore Business Times, an article entitled ‘Women are women, men are men’ was quite strong in its viewpoint that women’s rights are still lagging, and will continue to be in societies where human rights violations are still occuring against the ‘weaker sex’. I agree that the sexes are different, and that we are a long way from true equality – a group of women banding together for the rights of women are probably shooting themselves in the foot, causing themselves to be alienated because of their strength. Today’s article was correct in stating that women banded together against men and making demands is more likely to see themselves labelled as bra-burners and bitches rather than achieving a positive step forward.

My husband had a similar reaction to my joining an online support group to gather with other women who were in a similar situation as me – my ‘women’s libber group,’ he calls it.

Frankly women uniting together are frightening… and when the cause they are fighting for smacks of some sort of truth, it is probably likely that men will want to see that group discredited and disbanded. It’s a typical male knee-jerk reaction.

Having those women work like men work – individually… rallying opinions and meeting with individuals to garner support, seeping through their networks like water soaks into foundations – this may be the only way to ensure that they are accepted and that I can be sure that if I were to apply for a full time job in Australia instead of working for myself that I will be able to secure a paypacket that is comparable to my male couterparts.

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