Sooky Stammy [Poor Kitty-Cat]

Stammy got bit - here's his bitten leg!

Stammy got bit - here's his bitten leg!

Stammy is a sook at the best of times. In Singlish he’s called ‘manja,’ which technically means pampered, however it tends to be used on people that have the characteristics of a pampered, sooky child. Princesses fall into the ‘manja’ category as well, sometimes. (And I’m referring to the princesses who have delusions of diva-ness, not the crowned ruler variety.)

At any rate, Stammy was bitten. By a snake or a cat – the vet isn’t sure. He has two little points on his leg, which have healed over, but have infected below the skin. Apparently quite common. The vet said that cat’s skin can heal fast, and it will then heal deeper wounds more slowly (a defence mechanism to keep out germs or such, I imagine).

Anyway, he doesn’t like swallowing pills, and while Ray was away I simply was too tired to shove them down his throat. I can’t seem to get the correct grip that is prescribed on all the sites that pop up when you Google ‘how can I give my cat his pills?’ I’m blaming the cat, because it can’t be me!

Funnily enough, I did find that I don’t have to put my hands near his mouth if I have a syringe full of liquid or one of those pill popper devices. Another alternative is to grab the scruff of the neck and lift his front paws off the ground. A word of warning here – do not lift an adult cat off the ground by the scruff of their neck unless it’s an emergency. They are too heavy as adults and the scruff is not designed to take the full weight of an adult cat. It can hurt them a lot! If you use this method, make sure their back feet are firmly on the ground and taking the bulk of their weight.

Stamford needed a cone so he wouldn't lick himself

Stamford needed a cone so he wouldn't lick himself

Then you can lift the front legs up, place the syringe between the teeth, squirt and then gently place the cat back on the ground. It may or may not work for you, but if you’ve tried the sure-fire method the other sites recommend, where you grab the top jaw of the cat, and that doesn’t work, or you’re missing fingers as a result, then try the scruff.

Poor Stammy – he looks pathetic. Don’t worry, the hair is growing back. He licked it off himself he was so stressed!

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  1. Joanna says:

    Poor Stammy! Get better soon puss.