How Rude [Pet Peeve]

I Hate Chewing Gum!

I Hate Chewing Gum!

I guess you could say that rudeness and selfishness are pet peeves of mine. That’s not to say I don’t have my moments of either, however I am becoming less and less tolerant of this in others.


I scolded a student in my class last night for being self-absorbed and today I had to deal with chewing gum in the seat pocket of my seat on the plane… when I put my book and folder in the seat pocket in front of me, it came out with chewing gum stuck to it. Yes, the plane should have been cleaned better (it’s a budget airline), however what is it with people who chew gum and their need to stick it in horrible places? Last month I was out with my parents and there was chewing gum on the pavement and it ended up on my shoes!

Call me a socialist, or whatever, but I’m so glad that Singapore bans the sale of chewing gum!


I completely embarrassed a girl getting off the bus at the airport this afternoon. I had a suitcase and I was standing at the front of the bus, immediately at the front near the driver (the bus was full).

As we were preparing to disembark, I was getting my luggage ready to get off so that I wouldn’t hold people up. A young Chinese girl pushed past me and stood at the front at the top of the stairs.

I asked what she was doing.

“Sorry,” she said.

I said “no, your’re not.” She blinked and looked at me. “I said sorry, ” she then said after a pause, “what else do you want me to do?”

“How about going back to where you were, as saying sorry doesn’t excuse your behaviour if you don’t mean it, and now you’re standing in a spot that blocks the driver’s view of the rear vision mirror.”

A hand (presumably of her boyfriend) reached past me and grabbed her sleeve, pulling her back.

She then started commenting in Chinese behind me.

“That’s very brave of you,” I said, “insulting someone in another language. You must be very proud of yourself.”

She shut up after that.

When I got off the bus, I pulled myself and my bag to the side so that I could pull up the handle. She ran off the bus and into the terminal building.

Less than 5 seconds later, she ran back to her boyfriend and grabbed the passports and tickets off him and flew back into the terminal building. So much for the rushing!

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  1. Cheryl says:

    My mom found gum stuck to her shoes in Singapore! 🙁 Right outside the Asian Civ Museum near the waterfront. I was so embarrassed but she laughed and said “Now there’s a story I can take home with me!”