FourLittlePaws No More :(

I noticed that I had received some traffic to my web site because of the cat sitters in Singapore – Doug and Jan at Four Little Paws (… however this is a general notice to say that they were bought out, and that the transfer was very very sudden and a touch hostile (forcing keys to be returned with 24 hours notice and generally being very pushy – the new owners, that is). It’s a shame Doug and Jan couldn’t get the business to keep it going, and I wish them both luck in whatever they choose to do. Great service, guys!

On another note my hairdresser in Singapore is closing down effective 1 Mar. This is a total disaster as now I am forced to find another one… I have one in Australia, but now do not have one in Singapore – damn! This is especially a disaster in the general waxing and beauty department, as I went to another beautician to get my eyebrows shaped, and they wanted to shave them!!!!!!! NNNOOOOOOOOOO! There’s a long, hard road ahead of me.

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