Getting Serious About Uncluttering [Inspiration and References]

I had an uncluttering win with my power solution near the TV area – and now I’m seriously thinking about other work areas around the home and office.

In search of inspiration I have done a search on the web for some uncluttering references and I have come up with the following:

  • Oprah (I know, I know, but she ain’t bad, actually – or maybe I am getting old and getting me some oestrogen). At any rate she has a list of ways to unclutter, and they cover a number of rooms in the house and some practical tips that I might just employ. 12 Ways to Unclutter Your Life.
  • Digital Productivity – I did a bit of this today by cleaning up the files on my desktop – actually filing them in the folders they are supposed to go in. This looks like a good system for colour coding… and perhaps something I can work with.
  • Using kitchen items to unclutter your desk – I like the muffin tin idea on this one.

I’m serious peoples! If you have any ideas for removing clutter, please leave in the comments!

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2 Responses

  1. Erik says:

    A friend of mine recommends the flylady website for decluttering and getting organized:

    I find great satisfaction in periodically culling my possessions. Clothes, books, cds, dvds. I find it’s more gratifying to give things away than it is to throw them in the trash. First I try to trade in at used books/cd shops. If I can’t get anything in exchange, I donate to the library or Salvation Army. The best part is that I now can actually find the remaining stuff I really want to use.

  2. ozlady says:

    Erik – totally agree. Getting rid of clothes can be quite easy, as charities are always willing to take those, but I feel terrible throwing away books, and finding someone to give them to in Singapore can be challenging!