Getting Rid of the Clutter [Cable-less]

I am going through a bit of an anti-clutter campaign, and have been regularly reading a few sites to assist with this.

  • Simple Mom – while the focus of this blog isn’t strictly on uncluttering, there is a focus on simplicity, and a lot of the ideas are relevant to families with and without children at home.
  • Unclutterer – The focus of this blog for me is the de-cluttering aspects and being inspired by some of the decluttered workspaces!

I am not sure if this has happened to anyone else, but over the years I have been spending more and more time out of the home. Part of it is because I work a lot, but part of it was because my home was feeling more and more hostile to me – another source of stress and not somewhere where I could go and feel relaxed and at ease. 2008 began my journey into making my home more livable and stress-free with some cleaning of the home office and giving myself some small de-clutter and organisation projects, but 2009 seems to have a larger focus on this ahead for me.

It was with this in mind that I approached our TV & Stereo area – it had cables behind the TV and on either side of the drawer unit, and looked very dusty and untidy. One thing about power cables is that when they are in corners, they seem to attract more dust than normal. Hidden is definitely better.

When I pulled out the drawer unit it was also amazing how many cables where there that are not actually connected to anything. Over the years appliances had changed the cable requirements – so we had extra coaxial and network cables hanging out behind there! Shows how often we pull it out and go through it all!

Belkin Cordless Solution

Belkin Conceal Surge Protector - keeps cables tidy and dust free

I purchased a Belkin Conceal Surge Protector for putting behind the TV – this can be hung from the wall, or placed behind appliances. We chose to place it behind the TV. It wasn’t cheap (S$150), however it comes with a surge protector for our appliances, so we thought it would be well worth the investment to protect our TV & stereo.

A thing to note about surge protectors is that you need to do the math on your appliances – make sure that all the appliances that you plug in will not exceed the wattage that the surge protector is designed to take. If you are plugging lights in as well, then it is a good idea to use low-wattage bulbs to reduce the load (as well as save electricity, save money, and needing to change light-bulbs less often). We needed to be able to plug in lamps as we do not have a lot of power outlets around our home – so any power solution effectively acts as an extension cord for the room.

Cordless TV & Hi Fi - all hidden!

Cordless TV & Hi Fi - all hidden!

Belkin Cordless Solution

The cables are now tamed!

Taming the cables has been a mental load off – I’m sure there are parts of your home where you look at it and think “untidy” and just shudder… or it’s a part that is difficult to clean because of the way that you have it currently set up. The sales guy (Jimmy at Harvey Norman – very helpful guy) was trying to sell us a cable protector solution that looked pretty much like a normal power board, and twice the price. It did have a larger protection wattage, however it was going to be just as messy as our original solution, so I went to the power display and found this.

I probably wouldn’t have known to look for it if I hadn’t been reading up on de-cluttering. I’m glad that I have because that corner is now power-cable and relatively dust free, and that is one less stress that I have in my home.

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