My Big Weakness is Procrastination, so now I eat frogs!

Currently there are 18 things on my to do list and 79 emails in my ‘focus’ inbox.

That means that I have… (gets out the calculator coz my brain is tired)…

97 things to do!!

No one can manage that sort of list. This doesn’t include personal things, and other tasks that haven’t been documented that will, no doubt, creep up during the day.

So why am I writing a post now?

Because up until 15th January, a little over a week ago, it was at more than 150 things to do!

Eating the frog - first!

Eating the frog - first!

So what happened?

I had an epiphany! Thanks to Simple Mom who posted something that just clicked with me, on eating frogs for breakfast!

It’s a reference to a quote from Mark Twain:

“Eat a live frog every morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” -Mark Twain

It’s summarised well after the link – “The basic idea is that if you do the worst thing on your plate first thing in the morning, the rest of the day is a cake walk.”

I have loads of frogs on my list – that’s why it’s so long. And this procrastination habit I’ve had most of my life… so now it’s just out of control.

Until last week, that is!

So every morning, chomp! Cat goes to the vet (pain the neck coz she gets car sick)! Chomp! Papers are marked (reading variations on the same thing gets very tedious)! Chomp! Artwork designs are done 50 times for a client (try doing the same thing more than 5 times and you run out of inspiration and motivation)!


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1 Response

  1. Alan Findlay says:

    Brilliant. Ya gotta love Samuel Clemens – Mark Twain! Hope you can keep it up.
    And maybe I should try that.