I Don’t Get It [Treating People Bad]

Opportunity in Singapore?

Opportunity in Singapore?

Call me naive, idealistic, or maybe even stupid, but when I read this article, I just don’t get how people can be like this:

“Mr. Delowar, 33, came over to Singapore in hopes of finding a good paying job but was severely disappointed. He first arrived in Singapore on the 26 August 2008. However, now more than five months down the road, he still has not worked a single day.

His thought of venturing into Singapore was shared and encouraged by his parents, who parted with their crop plantation to raise S$9,000 for him to pay his agent in order to come to Singapore.

“I have no money to give them,” he said, eyes filled with agony and despair.

He revealed that his family’s expenses amount to between 3,000 to 4,000 taka a month (S$80-85), and added that they now rely on loans borrowed from family and relatives, but this could not go on.”

Source: The story of Delowar

Being an employer, I often lament about the laziness of workers, but there are more and more tales of employers who are just exploiting people and being heartless. This is just cruelty – there are no words.

I, too, hope they are punished.

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