Ripping VCDs [Filling Up Josh’s PSP]

Dearest Josh asked me to help him rip some VCDs to the computer so that he could then copy them to his PSP. I haven’t done this in a long time, so I used my good friend Google to find a suitable piece of software (preferably free) to assist.

Thankfully I found both the software and another blog post that told me exactly the settings that I needed to quickly and efficiently rip the VCD to the hard drive in MPEG format. Yay for me and yay for Josh!!!!

Check out ripping VCD to your hard drive, and download the VCDGear software (I used the GUI version).

Update 11-Oct-2008: Go with Format Factory to change your videos. It has presets for the iPhone and PSP – nothing to work out – just select the preset and go!

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2 Responses

  1. Mum says:

    Ripping is great! Well done Stephanie.
    Noel is now using the lite scribe disks and puts a great cover on my discs direct from the computer….its prints just as if you were using the printer and they look stunning

  2. stephanie says:

    I have lite scribe as well – it rocks!